Meet the


Maggie Hamell is a Photographer living and working in the greater Rochester, NY area. She studied Art History at the University of Rochester with the hope of working in the Museum field. Once out of school, she was driven, by her father, to make the hobby of photography into much more of a profession. Her love of photography started at a young age from all of the travel she would do with her family. Although she has never taken had any formal training, she allows herself to be in a constant state of learning.

Although she considers her art fluid, Maggie likes to focus on natural light, color and texture. Whether it be landscape, texture or an animal, her desire has always been to capture a moment in time and deliver that to her audience.

Red Magnolia Photo was started in 2012 in partnership with Maggie’s father, Daryl. He has inspired her to move beyond thinking of photography as just a hobby and helped her realize that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. Since then she has been part of the Clothesline Festival, the Corn Hill Arts Festival, Art at the Garden at Sonnenberg Gardens and her work has been featured this year in two juried exhibitions; “Magic of Light” at Image City Gallery in Rochester, NY and “Animals in Art” at A Different Path Gallery in Brockport, NY. She is also active in photographing weddings and portraits.

Maggie has always believed that her art is created to instill a sense of wonder and happiness. She wants her artwork to bring joy in a world where we are inundated with images of violence. She wants her photography to allow people to smile more, to feel more, and to connect more. To connect to the beauty that surrounds them every day and to realize that they too can view this world as a work of art.